Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 16

Today was fun...they sure got a lot done! They put on the roof of the shop which just so happens to be the floor for the garage. They use something called "hollow core" and now they will pour more concrete over the top of that to seal it in. My uncle finished the plumbing rough ins and hooked the house up to the main water line. They also did some finish tar work on the foundation that will be underground and started filling in the dirt in front of the garage. It looks great!

Here you can see the tar on the foundation and the ceiling of the shop/floor of the garage.

This is the window well to the girls' room. See how the tar angles on the side of the foundation? That is because the concrete without tar will be above ground...that is where the daylight basement starts.

This is the inside of the is HUGE!! Kelly better NEVER EVER complain about my kitchen! The concrete is covered with concrete blankets...this helps it cure has been pretty cold at night!

Here is a good view of the hollow core they have to use in order to be able to have the garage on top...I guess there are springs inside those tubes???...maybe to help distribute the force???? I am not an engineer, so don't ask me!...they also had to reinforce where the garage door is with a steel beam and steel plates above the other door and window. We don't want the cars to come crashing through the ceiling!

This is where the pipes from the house hook into the water main...lots of digging Uncle Joe!

This just shows the trench from the house to the water main...lots of work!

This shows them filling in the area in front of the shop so that it is level with the garage floor...they are spraying it with water to help compact the dirt...the dirt up there is like a fine powder...very nice for gardening!

Another view of them filling in...

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  1. So cool! I especially liked the picture of the girl's window well. It gives it a better perspective.