Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Days 18-23

Sorry, we haven't had the chance to post for has been super busy! Since I posted last, they have poured the floor of the garage and the basement. The plumbing lines were all passed by the inspector, so they got those taped up and ready to go. They have also been filling in a little bit more here and there. Yesterday, they dug a trench from the main water line out to the back of the property so they can put a water spigot in by the pasture and garden...I don't have pictures of that yet. Now, they are pretty much on hold with what they can do...the framers are supposed to start next Monday...exciting! Today I spent lots of time at BMC West looking at windows, doors, and base moldings. We have chosen "charcoal" for the color of the shingles and "rugged canyon" for the sure would be nice if I could find the right color of brick!!! Anyhoo...that is what is happening on The House! Did I mention that our builder is awesome?!?!?!?!?

This is them smoothing out the garage floor.

Here is the garage floor covered with concrete blankets...brrrrrr!

Here is Uncle Joe taping up the plumbing.

They had sprayed so much water to help compact the dirt in the basement that the ground froze...they had to cover it to help it thaw so that they could pour the concrete.

Both the floors staying nice and cozy!

The basement floor being smoothed out.

Luke's little hand print in the concrete where his future bedroom will be.

This is a view from the house to the northwest...I love it! This is where all the windows in the kitchen and living room will face.

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