Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 37

Today was quite the momentous day! We have wooden walls! Yesterday they placed all the boards that are bolted to the foundation. Today, the walls started going up! The wall that is up will be Luke's future bedroom and the computer/craft room downstairs. The smaller wall is part of the girls' closet. While Kelly was standing rolled the floor trusses. They are "webbed" so that we can run the heating system through them and not have to drop it down below the ceiling...very cool! My Uncle Joe was also up there today moving a drain...he is awesome! The weather was beautiful although it was a whopping 0 degrees when we woke up this morning! We really like our framers, a father/son team...them seem to be very detail oriented.

Wood waiting to be framed!

Boards bolted to the foundation for the walls to rest on.

Uncle Joe moving the drain.

The WALL!...on the ground.

Hooking on the jacks.

The wall starts going up...

...and up.....

...and UP! The window on the left is the computer room and the one on the right is Luke's room.

The floor trusses. I guess they manufacture these in Wyoming!

Here you can kinda see the web.

Another view of THE WALL...I know...I get excited over little things! :)

This is the wall to the girls' closet.

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