Saturday, December 19, 2009

Days 52-54

Okay, so I have been lax in getting this thing updated...The House is looking great! We have walls upstairs. Yesterday...when I saw the HUGE window in the master bedroom closet...I told them it had to go...I wasn't picturing something that big! We are ordering the windows next week and they have measured for and started making the roof trusses...too fun! Kelly and I spent some time talking with his nurse's husband about laying tile...we hope we aren't in over our heads! I think we have to lay 1300 sq ft of tile..crazy?...we think so...hopefully it will all turn out okay!

This is the back wall of the masterbedroom...the window on the far left is in the bathroom and the window in the middle is in the closet...we are having them fill that in...

Here is a view from the back of the house

This is them putting up the other wall in the master bedroom...

up it goes...

and it's up!...Kelly said that the view out of this window is incredible...he actually got to watch the sunset through it last night!

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