Friday, December 11, 2009

Days 43-46

So, not much has happened since I posted on has just been too darn cold!!! The framers attempted working in sub zero temps, but succumbed to the bitterness of it all...temps should be rising next week so that they can start hammering again! I have a few new pictures of the floor trusses and the wall to the girls' bedroom, other than that, nothing has changed. Oh, and I did finally make a decision on what color of windows to put in...after weeks (and I mean, weeks!) of deliberation, I have chosen....drum roll, please...WHITE...I know, boring as all get out...but that is what we are going with! Hopefully I will like how it looks with the I picky or what?!?!?

Here is a picture of the floor trusses from up top...they are laying down on their sides right now...eventually, they will be standing up!

This is the wall of the girls' bedroom...on the left is the door. The girls' twin beds will line up along this wall with a nightstand between each one.

This is looking down the hallway...the girls' room is on the left...the stairs are at the back right...the storage room is to the right.

This is standing in the girls' bedroom and looking out their doorway to the stairs.

A view of the trusses from below.

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