Monday, December 7, 2009

Days 40-42

Boy, was it cold up there today!!! I think wind chill temp this morning was -12 or something...brrrrr! I felt sorry for the framers! Today they finished up framing the stairs and then started putting up the wall to the girls' bedroom so that they have something to sit the floor trusses on...I wasn't up there too long and only took one picture...enjoy!

The stairs are a U shape...the opening for the stairs will be on the left...directly across the hall will be the door to the girls' bedroom...we are going to finish under the stairs as a little play area...the space to the right of the stairs is the toy room...very downsized from what we have had in the past...I think it is only 6 feet across...mainly for there such a thing as phasing out toys!?!?!?

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