Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 55-63

I haven't posted for awhile...I have been up to The House almost every day, but haven't had a chance to post any pictures! They have the entire perimeter of the main floor framed except for the front door. Today they were working on the wall for the master bedroom and part of the wall for the guest room. It is looking great...I am starting to be able to get a feel for the space as I walk amongst the hollow walls...I think the roof trusses will be here sometime next week! We had to change the size of our front door...a frustrating experience...but I actually made it through with flying colors after taking all four kids into BMC West to talk to the "door guy"...the kids behaved themselves and so did I! kinda helped that I threw out the threat that I would call Santa Claus if any of them misbehaved!...Oh...the power of Santa Claus!

This is the kitchen...the windows on the left are in the dining room...the BIG window on the right is the window seat in the kitchen...when I am standing at my sink, I will be looking out this window!

These are the windows above the staircase...

This is the east wall...the mudroom is to the left of the door...the bathroom is to the right and then the guest room is farthest to the right...that door leads into the garage...the big opening on the right is for the guest room closet that will actually sit in the garage.

Here is a view out that big window in my kitchen...LOTS of natural light...the window on the right is in the dining room...

This is looking from the living room out the front door...they haven't framed it yet, but you get the general idea...the dining room is on the left and the stairs are on the right.

A view of the front of the house from the outside...dining room on the right...stairs on the left...

Here they have put up the walls for part of the entry...the ceilings in the rest of the house will be true 9 foot (except the living room will be vaulted)...the walls of the entry will be 11 foot and then it will vault up from there...I guess these are the 11 foot walls?

This is the wall for the guest room and master bedroom...the wall and door on the left are for the guest room...the long wall with the door way down at the right end is for the master bedroom.

A view of the guest room...Luke's room for now...

The master bedroom wall...those notched beams in the center delineate the bathroom on the far left...closet in the middle (remember, they are taking out that window), and the bedroom on the right.

A view from the northeast corner...the wall down the left is the garage...I think those windows that are over the staircase will be my favorite windows in the entire house...they are so pretty and will let a lot of the morning sunlight in!

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