Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 54

I took the kids up to The House this afternoon before we head down to Utah for the weekend. They had another wall up, so I figured I would post a picture. We won't have any more pictures until Tuesday...I am sure it will look much different by then!

The kids standing in our future living room. This is the only room in the house that will have a vaulted ceiling. The middle opening will lead out onto the deck...the three little transom windows on the top right will be above the grill outside on the deck. The master bedroom is in the back left.

Here the kids are standing by the window that will eventually be the guest room, but for now it will be Luke's room...he isn't quite old enough to be in the basement all by himself! The wall to the right is the master bedroom again.

This is just a view out the living room windows.

A view from outside look up at the living room windows...the master window is on the far right.

An overall view...guest room is on the left.

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